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Alright here it is, my music blog. At this point I’m assuming most of you know me but incase you don’t I’m Brandon and I like music. My goal in starting this blog is to open other to new music and find more great music. Each week I’ll be posting a short write up on why I feel like you should check out a particular Album, Artist, EP, Song etc. As well as giving some brief information about the artist, the songs, the way it was recorded or whatever other interesting tidbit I can find. This will not be tied to any one specific genre (the whole point is to find new music). These won’t be be long album reviews with ratings and other nonsense rather simply a collection of music that I feel is important enough to be shared. If there’s ever something you think should make the cut let me know about it!

Brandon Kingry

Musician. Audio Engineer. Designer. Dreamer. Husband.

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